The Hibbing College Foundation Board of Directors would like to express sincere appreciation to the following donors for their generous scholarship donations which total over $70,000 for the 2024-25 academic year at Minnesota North- Hibbing Campus. The continued support of these donors is greatly appreciated by the Foundation, the college, and the students. Because of their generosity, the following students received Foundation Scholarships this year:

The Gary Wilson Scholarship- $500.00. RECIPIENT Nickolas Agnew
Dr. Benjamin Owens Scholarship-$1,000. RECIPIENT Isabelle Baasi
Edward A. Palcich Scholarship- $500. RECIPIENT Isabelle Baasi
Mark Rostvold Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Isabelle Baasi
Twin Cities Iron Rangers Ass'n Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Hailey Bergin
Anna Soldenski Scholarship-$1,500. RECIPIENT Karen Dear
The Young Women’s Christian Ass'n- $750. RECIPIENT Karen Dear
Helen Turk Fund Scholarship- $1,000 RECIPIENT Andrew DeGroot
Christine and John Dolence Scholarship- $3,000. RECIPIENT Desiree Diiorio
Dr. Benjamin Owens Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Desiree Diiorio
June and Elmer Kniffen Memorial Scholarship- $500. RECIPIENT Aiden Duffy
Christine and John Dolence Scholarship- $3,000. RECIPIENT Libby Elias
The Young Women’s Christian Ass'n Scholarship- $750. RECIPIENT Libby Elias
Lorraine Jamar Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Joshua Ellerman
Helen Turk Fund Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Faith Gekonge
Anna Soldenski Scholarship-$1,500. RECIPIENT Morgan Gibson
Harriet Saari/Antonelli Scholarship- $500. RECIPIENT Morgan Gibson
Myron O. Schmidt Fund Scholarship- $250. RECIPIENT Morgan Gibson
Helen Turk Fund Scholarship-$1,000. RECIPIENT Mackenzie GIlliam
The Roy Carlson Scholarship-$3,000. RECIPIENT Kelsey Greenwood
Alan and Constance Kotula Scholarship - $1,000. RECIPIENT Josie Gross
Dr. Ben Owens (Hibbing FND) Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Brooke Hansen
Mary McLaughlin Hermann Scholarship- $2,000. RECIPIENT Lydia Hayes
Thelma Passo Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Fen (Clare) Hendren
Christine and John Dolence Scholarship- $3,000. RECIPIENT Addison Hess
Dr. Benjamin Owens (Hibbing Foundation)- $1,000. RECIPIENT Addison Hess
Dr. Benjamin Owens Scholarship-$1,000. RECIPIENT Kayla Hippolt
L.M. Becker Engineering Scholarship- $200. RECIPIENT Meredith Hughes
Audrey B. Fay Scholarship-$250. RECIPIENT Alexandra Jacklen
McCarthy Nursing Scholarship- $500. RECIPIENT Alexandra Jacklen
Lenka Hill Scholarship- $500. RECIPIENT Tori Kaufman
Trowbridge Scholarship- $1,000 RECIPIENT Tori Kaufman
Vision 2010 Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Tori Kaufman
Park Dental Scholarship- $500. RECIPIENT Emma Leppala
Helen Turk Fund Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Ashley Luna
Dr. Ben Owens (Hibbing FND) Scholarship-$1,000. RECIPIENT Cassidy Maki
Everett R. Herrala Scholarship- $500. RECIPIENT Cassidy Maki
Michael Karl Scholarship- $500. RECIPIENT Annalee McLaughlin
John M. Crep (Electrical) Scholarship- $500. RECIPIENT Ryan Musburger
Park Dental Scholarship- $500. RECIPIENT Kate Nelson
Anna Soldenski Scholarship- $1,500. RECIPIENT Cassandra Rockers
Dr. Ben Owens (Hibbing FND) Scholarship-$1,000. RECIPIENT Cassandra Rockers
Roy Carlson Scholarship- $3,000. RECIPIENT Gianna Rossini
Twin Cities Iron Rangers Association Scholarship-$1,000. RECIPIENT Blake Rost
Hazel P. Heldt Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Jeremiah Schwartz
Mary McLaughlin Hermann Scholarship- $2,000. RECIPIENT Jeremiah Schwartz
Todd Briesler Memorial Scholarship-$200. RECIPIENT Wyatt Shaw
Svigel-Dunda Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Reeta Sihock
The Fred "Fritz" & Carol Nemgar Nursing Scholarship- $250. RECIPIENT Sarah Vasil
Don O Hilligoss II Memorial Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Dean Villeneuve
Lake Country Power Les Beach Mem. Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Dean Vileneuve
Life Enrichment Scholarship- $500. RECIPIENT Austin Vittori
Minnesota Trucking Scholarship- $2500 RECIPIENT Austin Vittori
Dr. Benjamin Owens Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Serinity Wellman
Dr. Benjamin Owens Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Thea White
Helen Turk Fund- $1,000. RECIPIENT Thea White
Ben and Joan Collie Scholarship Endowment Fund-$1,000. RECIPIENT Luke Will
Anna Soldenski Scholarship- $1,500. RECIPIENT Naomi Wolf
St. Lukes Scholarship- 1,000. RECIPIENT Naomi Wolf
Dr. Ben Owens (Hibbing Foundation) Scholarship- $1,000. RECIPIENT Jersey Yernatich

For more information contact Executive Director Melissa A. Versich at (218) 293-6851 or [email protected] .
The Hibbing College Foundation Board of Directors include Rich Puhek- President, Dave Jordan- Vice President, Kimberly Thomas- Treasurer, Jane Brownlee- Secretary, and Directors Brian Simonson, Craig Hattam, Greg Heyblom, and Shelly Hanson.

There are many ways to Give and Make a Difference for Iron Range Students

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With your help, we can continue to create opportunities for generations to come. More than 75% of Hibbing College students need financial aid help to attend college. With the help of generous donors, we fund student scholarships and support educational programs, so that a Minnesota North College-Hibbing education is always accessible, always relevant and always looking to the future to serve the needs of our community.Our students need your help. Whether you are a resident of Hibbing, an alumni or just a friend of Hibbing Community College, there are multiple ways to give! Many students are working full time, supporting families and trying to pay bills. At the same time, HCC programs suffer from reduced State funding and often face challenges in procuring the resources and equipment to stay current in their fields. That's where the Hibbing College Foundation comes in. The Hibbing College Foundation supports scholarships and programs at the Hibbing Campus of Minnesota North College. To learn more, apply for scholarships, or donate, please click the "ways to give" menu item at the top of the page.

Donor Spotlight: The Don Hilligoss II Memorial Scholarship

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